Rowdy Lenton has a whopping 729 noise complaints

Is this a library

Pissy residents made almost 750 noise complaints about house parties in the last year and a half.

Police statistics revealed 729 noise complaints in Nottingham student areas from September 2013 to February 2015.

The stats relate to the Lenton Triangle, New Lenton, QMC and Dunkirk areas which are aligned to the Police’s Operation Graduate initiative to tackle student burglary.

These figures will come as a shock, as Nottingham students are known to be a discreet bunch who inhabit the library and keep to themselves.

Most noise complaints were regarding loud music and partying, as well as persistent alarms.

Fun police

Fun police

Derby Grove resident Ben has no sympathy for the complainers, “If you live in a student area its a given there will be a lot of noise, interfering locals need to deal with it or move.”

The noisiest month was June 2014 with a massive 104 complaints, as students start to let their hair down post exams.

Inevitably the quietest months were July and August when students return home, however the 32 noise complaints reveal that non-students aren’t as innocent as they make out.

The figures come just weeks after we revealed Derby Road was the most dangerous road to live on.

New Police statistics showed a startling 61 crimes were carried out on Derby Road between September 2013 and June 2014.

Albert Road, Trinity Avenue and Church Street were found to be the safest places to live.