Angharad Smith is your new SU president

Like you care anyway

Tonight in The Den, jubilant Angharad Smith was crowned the new president of Nottingham SU.

She inherited the title from beleaguered incumbent Harry Copson.


9819 voted in the presidential race, with third time runner and crowd favourite Johnny Lawrence coming in 7th place after a stirring cowboy-themed campaign.

12,479 votes were cast, beating last year’s record of 11,501, but did not beat Manchester’s newly set record of 13,264.


Last year, 9,255 students turned out to vote for the President and Harry was declared the winner after the 7th round.

With 2799 votes obtained after several rounds of recounts, Harry beat Mandour Jr. by a mere 96 votes.

And the rest of the winners were:

Activities – Rob Jennings

Education – Dan Rattigan

LGBT – Alistair Boulter

Equal Opportunities and Welfare – Sarah Pickup

Sport – James Bramley

Environmental and Social Justice – Tom Parker

Community – Sam Peake

International –  Parmeshwar Bawa

BME – Nneka Keshi

Women’s Officers – Emma Ehrenberg and Emma Quaedvlieg

Postgraduate – Elliott Denham

Students with disabilities – Molly O’Brien

Mature – Emma Scali