Dr Hu is a researcher at Notts

She’s cooler than the one on TV


Dr Qin Hu is a research fellow in the department of Engineering.

When she’s not off saving the galaxy, Dr Hu is part of the additive manufacturing and micro 3D printing department in the Faculty of Engineering.

Her work involves scaling down 3D printers to work on the micro and even nano scale.


She received her Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, and then worked at the Nanofabrication Laboratory.

She then moved to the University of Cambridge first in their Engineering Department for micro/nano fabrication, then at Cambridge’s Cancer Research Gurdon Institute for genetics work.


She is currently a tenant of the Coates building and is a supervisor on her research team.

It is not known whether this Dr Hu works with an assistant, but she is thought to be handy with screwdrivers, both sonic and regular.