Tipsy teletubbies, human thumbs and a dash of man love in the booth

It’s pretty fleshy

It’s the time of the week where you lovely people get your fleshy bits out in front of an iPad.

Here’s the best sultry snaps this week.



2015-03-04 22.29.39

The incredible human thumb ladies and gentlemen

2015-03-04 22.51.56

How can anyone be unhappy when they’ve got a blue VK?

2015-03-04 23.09.36

The classic case of fingerers wrist kinda like tennis elbow

2015-03-04 23.11.44


2015-03-04 23.36.18

Most romantic proposal eva?

2015-03-04 23.47.18

Once again, this isn’t a mirror

2015-03-05 00.02.18

I for one, think you guys look fabulous

2015-03-05 00.10.01

Not sure if he’s trying to get with him or suck his blood

2015-03-05 00.14.56

The silent ladykilla

2015-03-05 00.18.27

Like two halves of the same coin <3

2015-03-05 00.34.32

Invisible boob man is back

2015-03-05 00.43.19

Cheer up m8

2015-03-05 00.46.40

Jus’ hanging around

2015-03-05 00.47.58

Cheeky monkey!

2015-03-05 00.50.15

Who forgot the rule about bringing parents?

2015-03-05 00.53.29

If the Hulk was in a boyband

2015-03-05 01.00.11

Bit late for you buddy?

2015-03-05 01.04.56

Someone’s fantasy just came true

2015-03-05 01.19.37

Omg u guiz totes look like secret agents

2015-03-05 01.28.23

Who wants some?

2015-03-05 01.30.52

Obligatory boob flash

More like tipsytubby am I right?

More like tipsytubby am I right?