How can uni charge us so much money to graduate when we already pay £9000 a year?

Who do they think they are?

I am baffled at how the Nottingham uni bosses could think it would be acceptable to charge £20 for a graduation ticket.

And you can only buy two — I found myself in complete shock when the email came through.

On top of the other costs associated with graduation, I would have to pay £40 more to actually celebrate the day, granted I get my all important 2.1.

And we graduate in the Sports Hall

Those gowns don’t come cheap either

I emailed our Union President Harry Copson and I am beyond angry. He told me he “wasn’t aware of the charges for guests”, which infuriates me even more.

How can our President, who is meant to represent us — and make our experience (beginning to end) memorable — not be aware we have to stump up for these charges?

The Graduation Office are yet to respond why they charge students £40 for guest tickets.

I think our uni has forgotten we’re actually are students. We pay £9,000. A year.


Bankrupt at graduation

On top of a vast amount of other costs we cannot escape, here is another chance for money-grabbing uni chiefs to rip us off, rob us of our money, and claim another £40 won’t hurt.

Trent recently changed their policy to give their near-graduating students two free tickets, like many other unis.

So why can’t we follow suit? If Trent are able to do this, I am sure Notts can as well.

Not all of us are fortunate to have the money to cover such a charge or have loaded parents who can beef up our bank accounts.


And you have to graduate in the sports hall of all places

I have purchased my £40 tickets because I don’t want my family to miss out.

But the biggest joke is to other family members and friends who can’t attend the actual graduation. The uni ever so kindly offers £12 tickets so your neglected guests can watch a live-feed of the ceremony in the marquee next door.

They call themselves “a world top one per cent university”, so why can’t they do better?