Does anyone really care about the music on a night out?

Don’t pretend you’re any different

Now don’t get me wrong, without music life would be startlingly bleak. And although I do have quite strong preferences when it comes to my tastes, when it comes to a night out, I just couldn’t care less.

At the end of the day the majority of my time spent in clubs consists of drunkenly chatting to strangers in the smoking area, wandering about from room to room attempting to find lost friends, and disfiguring my liver beyond recognition through the wonder that is the Jägerbomb.

One thing that definitely is not the focal point of my attention, is the music.


The trendiest among us are constantly conversing about upcoming nights, which next big act is arriving at the limited club scene which consists of Stealth, Brickworks and that’s pretty much it.

Is he going to play vinyl set? Will he drop that new tune which sounds suspiciously like every other song he just played? Is this his ‘new stuff’?

When I go on a night out, I’m afraid to say I do not go for the music.


The only reason I pay £20 to go and see Ten Walls at Brickworks is for the company, it’s where my friends go.

I mean for that price, you could smash ten VKs or trap yourself in a stupendous K-hole from which you might never recover. I say this nostalgically, of course, if only we could still buy K for £20.

Anyways, I digress. I’m partially convinced it’s just a vicious circle. Everyone pretends to know exactly what went down the previous night, and is too scared to admit that they actually have no idea who played, or if the set was any good or not.


£20 for this guy at Brickworks

When I reach a certain level of inebriation, music is certainly a secondary factor, if a factor at all. I rarely remember a particular song, but will certainly remember my mate slipping in his own vomit. And that happening is in no way dependent on what kind of night I’m at.

So I’m taking a stand. I’m not saying one night’s better than the other. In general, they’re both equally as hazy as each other, with a vague memory of having a fun time. I’m saying that I just don’t care.