Meet the owners of the buffest bods in Notts

Bulking season never ends

Think you could give up drinking in the pursuit of bodily perfection?

Alfie, Sean and Sarah took time out of their hectic regimes to tell us all about what it’s like being hench.

They are student body builders competing to be crowned the winners of the upcoming MASS SPC, one of the largest student bodybuilding tournaments in the UK.


How long have you all been lifting for?

Sarah: I first properly started lifting about a year ago after an operation I had on my knee.

Alfie: It’s been just over two years, but I’ve always played rugby and sport quite a lot.

Sean: I started weightlifting 4 years ago then took up powerlifting about a year and a half ago.

What did your mates think when you told them you entered the Mass SPC competition?

Alfie: My housemates laughed. They said: ‘Ha are you going to get tanned up and stand on stage?’

Sarah: People were quite surprised. I’m a fresher so I don’t think people really knew that I did bodybuilding or l lifted so I think it was quite a surprise.

Sean: My friends were quite surprised too. I think actually I’m the only one who does this in the class- most of my friends are pharmacy students all they do is study.

She used to be a pescetarian, then uni introduced her to steak.

What is a typical day like for you?

Sarah: I have lectures everyday. I’m up at 8:30am have breakfast, go to lectures, eat lunch, go to more lectures, eat more. I come home and train for about 1-2 hours at the gym, come home and eat more.

Alfie: I do pretty much the same thing. I get up at 6:30am, gym, eat, studio (I study architecture), gym again, then home, more work, cook food for the next day then bed.

A spotter is the minimum requirement.

A spotter is the minimum requirement.

Which night out do you miss the most?

Alfie: Ocean. Any other night you can go out and probably not drink, but Ocean is just impossible to not drink – I tried it once and it was rubbish.

This is what happens when you go sober at Ocean.

What has been the hardest thing to give up for the dench life?

Alfie:  Eating lots of food, like going to Annie’s Burger Shack – I can’t do that anymore.



How has your social life changed?

Sean:  You get really tired so I don’t spend much time with my girlfriend like I used to because I’m so exhausted.  I’m a douche sometimes when I’m tired.

Alfie:  It’s actually pretty fun going out and not drinking as you see everything and remember what everyone does.


Sean: I miss my mates cooking, they cook really well. One of them is Korean and another is a self-taught chef so everyone just cooks in the kitchen and you’re like ‘damn I’m dieting”. It’s hard to go through that sometimes.

Sarah: I think my friends like it that I don’t drink because I have a car so I can drive them everywhere, so for them it’s great.

Sean: I actually didn’t eat my birthday cake this year. My mates bought a massive red velvet cake but I didn’t eat it, just blew the candle and watched everyone else tuck in.

He couldn’t even eat his own birthday cake this year.

What tips or advice would you give to people if they wanted to start competiting or start weight lifting?

Sean: No matter how ambitious you are, you need consistency.

Sarah: I would say, when you first go in and you don’t know very much, make sure you practice your form and technique.  Get someone to show you and get it right or you’ll easily injure yourself.

Alfie: Especially with guys, sort your form out, leave your ego at the door and do light weights.

Sarah: Don’t be afraid to ask people questions, people are often really intimidated when they first walk into the gym but actually people are more willing to help than you think.

as shown above, along with a 'watcher' [right]

As shown above, along with a ‘watcher’ [right]

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