Which boy has Nottingham’s best bum 2015 – vote now

Who has the plumpest peaches

We asked and you delivered.

You sent your saucy snaps in by the boatload and we whittled them down to a chosen few for your perusing pleasure.

Hugh Janus, 4th year Flatulence studies


I ignore sell by dates on yoghurt

Steve Sidebottom, 1st year theatre studies and waste management


I’m only 5″2 and I compensate by working out

Dan Bottomley, 3rd year Selfie studies

chuckle brothers on a night out

I once met the Chuckle Brothers on a night out

Keith Doublecheek, 2nd year Game show studies


I once lived in a yurt

Will Rearly, 3rd year Interpretive dance

I can rap look at me now by Busta Rhymes

I can rap look at me now by Busta Rhymes

Tom Kissentoosh, 2nd year Biscuit management