Minorities only event cancelled after complaints

You could only go if you’re BME

An exclusively black and minority ethnic safe space event has been cancelled. Several students had complained that the event was discriminatory.

Nottingham University LGBT Network intended to host a ‘Black and Minority Ethnic’ student only event, just days after Goldsmiths College Student’s Union caused controversy by hosting a ‘BME’ exclusive event.

Nadhya Kamalaneson, the event’s host and BME officer of the LGBT Network, confirmed the event, a screening of ‘The Legend of Korra’, was “only for people that self define as BME.”

This is despite the 343 people invited to the event were of all races.

The LGBT Network’s decision to exclude students based on their racial identity has raised eyebrows among Nottingham’s student population.

 bme safe space

Kishori, a second year French and Spanish student, said: “The BME only policy is discriminatory, and I believe discrimination is wrong.”

One British Asian Chemical Engineering third year, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “This policy promotes ghettoisation.”

Although described as a safe space event, the BME only film screening appears to be at odds with the Student’s Union’s safe space policy.

It says: “Making assumptions about someone before they have the opportunity to identify themselves” is against SU rules.

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