The Kebab Connoisseur of Lenton

He went and donner mad juan

We’ve all been there; your night is drawing to a close and suddenly the craving hits.

Adhering to the student stereotype your stomach demands only one thing, a greasy fulfilling kebab.

The image of undefined meat garnished seductively with three day old salad fills your very soul and demands fulfilment.

We tracked down Nottingham’s own elusive Kebab connoisseur to get the low down on the five best kebab houses Nottingham has to offer. This man has sampled every fine slab out meat of a stick Lenton has to offer.

kebab connoseiur


Particularly for you weirdos in Broadgate Park, the quaint little store front harks back to a simpler time and puts the mind at ease, invoking an impending sense of satisfaction.

The menu offers the very best in gourmet kebabs, both shish and doner, using only fine quality ingredients.


The connoisseur’s verdict

“A quintessential little establishment that places customer satisfaction over anything else. The greasiness of the kebab guarantees not only a ruined shirt front but also an indescribable sensation of happiness. The best choice definitely being the special request Doner kebab pizza or the equally special Doner itself infusing a whole range of meats and secret spices” 4/5

Trent Kebabs

Up next is the must have destination post night out. Conveniently located only a short walk from Forum nightclub, this local eatery caters to a whole selection of students, including our polytechnic neighbours.

With its eye catching sign and tempting smells, this business is certainly appealing.



The connoisseur’s verdict

“This is certainly one to avoid at all costs. I’ve been several times, each time being tempted by the delicious looking special kebab and chips. However the next day is not a pretty sight.

“While it tastes great at the time, the bowl destroying aftermath ruins this one.” 0/5

White Horse Cafe

The White horse cafe situated at the end of Ilkeston road is the Mecca of all kebab houses for the students of both Raleigh Park and St Peters Court.

With its retro green tiled exterior, it is not only the perfect photo opportunity to kebab hipsters looking for their non conformist kebab house, but also oozes class and sophistication.


The connoisseur’s verdict

“The perfect place to stagger into at three in the morning. While the glass interior doors confuse most of it’s guests, if you can overcome them then you are stepping into the Narnia of kebab establishments.

“The special Kebab is unrivaled in both size and taste, the grease to meat ratio balanced perfectly by the wizards in their kitchen. A place immortalised in my waistline and opinion.” 6/5

Arco’s pizza and fish bar

The staple of all Lentonites diet. Arco’s offers an uncomplicated postmodern take on the humble kebab, where taste is placed above all else. Its use of Disney propaganda on the store shows its keen understanding of the simple student mind.


The connoisseur’s verdict.

“While the intention and effort is clear, these dishes lack passion and artistry. It lacks an extensive menu which really lets it down, a Kebab on a cob is so 1970’s.” 2.5/5

El Passo Grill

Forget the Manchester rivalry, forget Uni of vs Trent, this is the real rivalry that has us all waiting with baited breath.

El Passo vs Arco’s. While El Passo’s exterior is less show business than its road way rival, its food certainly challenges the magicians located within the depth of Arco’s kitchen.

el passo

The connoisseur’s verdict.

“El Passo or Arco’s!? Unfortunately the university rejected my application to write my third year dissertation on the rivalry. While a more pricey option, the El Passo mixed grill is a personal favourite. All the meats can keep a man satisfied for hours.” 4.5/5