Trent could lose Wednesdays at Ocean if it moves to SU

They’re not happy

Upset Trent clubbers are outraged after the SU proposed moving their beloved Ocean Wednesdays.

The SU, lead by Marcus ‘Patches’ Boswell, are holding a vote to host Wednesday’s AU nights at the new SU building.

The reason behind the vote is the struggle for sports clubs to get tickets, meaning they miss out on sponsorship income.

The statement also claims that the move to the SU in 2015/16 will bring a higher level of inclusion on Wednesday night and more income for the SU to invest back into students.


A statement on the SU website, complete with lack of full stops, said: “As actioned by Sports exec to gauge the interest in sports clubs continuing ocean, as they often complain about not being able to get a book/ having too many members for the number of tickets they receive. The demand for ocean on a wednesday, particularly in first term, is far higher than the capacity of ocean.

“As some of the sports clubs and socieites are unable to get ocean ticket books (as there aren’t enough), they miss out on vital income.

“Many students are unable to get into ocean at the start of term 1, which can put them off going in future weeks. they also feel disengaged from their society/ club.”


This isn’t the first time this vote has been proposed. A similar vote was put forward four years ago, however was dismissed after the mighty Trent Army made the right decision, and voted no.

King of Nottingham and Ocean owner/legend, Andy Hoe, posted the vote on Facebook last night sending students into a frenzy.


He said: “There is some crazy clamouring for tickets for the first few weeks of term, and the inevitable end of term nights, which will be exactly the same wherever the night is held.

“Last year tickets only sold out completely for the first five weeks of term, and each end of term. So in total eight out of the 30 nights….so pretty much 75 per cent of the year, there are tickets out there unsold.”

It’s a democratic process though. If people don’t vote for Ocean and it goes in favour of the SU it’ll move. It’s up to the people – vote away.”