Copson gives out Golden tickets for SU Elections

Did you get one?

SU President Harry Copson sent out letters to a hand-picked group of students, asking them to consider running for SU positions.

The letters told the recipients that they had been “suggested as an ideal candidate” in the upcoming leadership elections.

Hand-signed by Copson himself, the letters promised a free lunch to all those attending before attempting to debunk popular myths about running for SU office.

But the letter accidentally asked people to RSVP by 31st January 2014 for the Candidate Academy on 1st February 2014, which was last year.


One of the chosen few, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “When I got the letter, I knew that i wasn’t the only one.

“I thought that they must be quite desperate to get people to run this year.”

Copson has defended the letters. He said: “We send letters out every year to students who have had prior involvement in Union activity to encourage them to run for Officer positions.


“We have a lot of evidence that these letters do encourage people to at least take an interest in becoming an Officer – it certainly gave me the confidence to put my name on the nominations list and run to be an Officer.”