Can we guess your course by your outfit?

Amber Leaf = Philosophy

Every course has its stereotype. From vibesy philosophers to bookish historians, most people think they can judge you from a mile away.

But are these stereotypes accurate?

Chloe Mattick, 1st Year

We guessed: Economics

Correct answer: Geography

The laid back vibe this outfit gives off as well as the tousled hairstyle that screams private education had us thinking Chloe had just got back from her year abroad ready to start a degree that would see her in an graduate internship by the end of the year.

Jordan White, 1st Year

We guessed: History

Correct answer: French

With his shearling collar jacket and a leather messenger bag casually swung across his body, we thought that the dusty aisles of the Manuscripts and Special Collections Library were frequented by Jordan.

Jessica Tagg, 4th Year

We guessed: Art History

Correct answer: Law with Australian Law

Jessica appears no stranger to COW and wears this fur coat effortlessly, therefore we judged her to be an overly culture being.

Chloe, 4th Year

We guessed: English Literature

Correct answer: German

Chloe’s fox cardigan made us think of a country house with a crackling fire and old books, so naturally an English degree of some sorts.

Ellen Wilkinson, 2nd Year

We guessed: Politics

Correct answer: Politics and American Studies

Ellen’s proximity to a coffee cup and her smart coat made reminded us of a young MP.

Honor Suillvan-Drage, 2nd Year

We guessed: Law

Correct answer: French and Hispanic Studies

The double barrel surname as well as the apparent eagerness that any backpack gives off, made us think Honor studied the most important degree known to mankind.

Cahal Francis, 1st Year

We guessed: Politics

Correct answer: Economics with Chinese Studies

Cahal’s puffer jacket, whilst oh so fashionable, reminded us of the boys that roamed the cluster halls.

We we’re half expecting him to pull out a snap back and declare his passion for house music.

Elizabeth Storm, 2nd Year

We guessed: Philosophy

Correct answer: Philosophy

The ethnic patterned jumper and the choker necklace made us think that Elizabeth had discovered Buddhism on a trip to India , most probably in her gap year. And of course the pack of Amber Leaf.

Harriet Coe, 2nd year

We guessed: Geography

Correct answer: Economics

The practical footwear as well as the wax jacket made us think of a relatively outdoorsy degree.

James Daniels 1st Year

We guessed: Philosophy

Correct answer: Engineering with Physical Science

These garms screamed a lover of Aristotle and Socrates, from the faded floral print to the shrunken off-orange jacket, this guy screams 4 contact hours a week.