Notts slammed in international league tables

We can’t win everything.

Following a string of victories for Notts in graduate employment and all things green, we just about scraped 100th in the top international universities of the world.

The Times measured percentages of international staff and students as well as how much international collaboration happens across academic department.

These disappointing results might mean changing those bold green Top 75 signs might be a bit embarrassing for the newly knighted VC.

Bet no one else on the list has asian campuses

Bet no one else on the list has asian campuses

Clearly the international boffins at the Times, who comprised the results based on “International outlook”, have never visited Jubilee campus, the home of the mysterious Yang Fujia building, or either of the two Notts campuses actually in Asia.

Second year Kyle said: “It’s about time the Times got with the times”.

Despite the drop in these scientifically dubious Times league tables, second year Jools doesn’t seem too concerned: “when I’m 10 pints down at the pub on a Friday night, these tables are the least of my worries”.


The Top 15 comprised 4 English unis from heavyweights Oxford all the way down to non-uni Royal Holloway.

Swiss uni École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne took the big crown, with over 50% of their students coming from abroad and The Times not finding it weird that a poly won something