NUFC kicks off at unfair punishments after initiation Varsity ban

The club were banned on Friday

The football team have blasted the “excessive” punishments handed to them by the SU.

In a statement about the handling of their drawn out disciplinary process, the club said they had been made an example of.

It said: “We feel that they have been extremely excessive and are not in keeping with the punishments of other clubs within the university, who have been deemed to have committed far worse offences.

“The club believes that being made an example of is an understandable form of deterrent, however this deterrent loses considerable value when it is not consistent and applied in the same manner to all clubs who are alleged to have committed offences.”

men's football

They went on to express their disappointment at being banned from the Varsity fixture, their biggest game of the year.

“Varsity is what makes the 7am training sessions, constant fitness tests and hours of devotion to the club worthwhile.

“The knock on effects are also severe, with Nottingham Trent losing a fixture  against the mens football club which they undoubtedly relish, as well as the club no longer being able to participate in and support an event that raises both money and awareness for charity”

Read the full statement online here.