Football team banned from Varsity and President suspended

They have been fined £1500 and the third team captain has been removed

The  NUFC  team have been banned from the football varsity following a disciplinary procedure.

In addition, the Men’s Third Team Captain has been removed with immediate effect, whilst the club’s President is under suspension until the 30th March 2015.

The team were under investigation before Christmas and have had their appeal against the report denied.

Other punishments included a fine of a whopping £1500 as well as requiring all committee members be retrained.

The sports discipline hearing found that a football social had broken a student union code of conduct rule that says events must be “ethical and non-degrading.”

The game will continue to take place as planned, but Trent will face a weaker team made up of IMS players.

No-one registered with NUFC will be allowed to take part.

The SU told URN: ‘We take reports of breaking the code of conduct such as this very seriously.

“We have adhered to the correct disciplinary procedures based on evidence given to us and hope the student body can see that behaviour against the code of conduct is not appropriate.

The NUFC captain could not be reached for comment.

Updates to follow.