The Tab answers Medic’s cry for help because his mum still buys his clothes

Merry Christmas Andy


Yesterday we had a joke at the expense of a few Crisis revelers.

We knocked their pretty awful fashion sense and said their mums still buy their clothes.

"Our mum still buys our clothes"

“Our mum still buys our clothes”

Andy Prendergast, 20, sported a ghastly black jumper with a orange tiger print while posing awkwardly with his pals in the photobooth.

The second year medic asked the student body for help in reshaping his wardrobe in the wake of our caption.

Ashamed, he posted in the buy/sell tickets group, saying: “Does anyone have any edgy clothes I could buy? I’ve just been rinsed by The Tab and I’ve decided to chuck my whole wardrobe away.”

andy 6

Friend James Hewitt pleaded with us to help, crying out that Andy was still wearing the hideous jumper.

After the success of last week’s fashion show, we couldn’t let Andy’s plight go untended.

andy 2

Our lovely fashion editor Eleni Mitzali braved the cold and blowy weather of Lenton this morning to wake up untrendy Andy.

Playing Santa, she presented him with his very own wavey Tab t-shirt.


andy 3

andy 4

Andy vowed to wear his new kit with pride. He said: “I can’t quite believe it. You’re a good sport.

“My new t shirt will make an appearance. I might have to wear the jumper again for a laugh.

“As much as I claimed it would on Buy/Sell, I won’t be throwing it away, I’m fond of that jumper”

Housemate James has asked for a makeover for the whole trio. He said: “The guy in the middle could do with one too.”

We wish Andy and his new t-shirt a Merry Christmas.