BoJo blasts Balls for looking like he’s having a prostate exam

He drank pints in Nottingham

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Barmy Boris Johnson has eloquently insulted Ed Balls as man who looks surprised to have a finger up his bum.

In a speech in Nottingham last night, Mayor Johnson said the Shadow Chancellor has “the air of a pop-eyed man who looks like he’s undergoing an unexpected prostate examination”.

BoJo hit out at Balls’ “unbelievably hostile attitude to wealth creation” before delivering the jibe in his trademark bumbling way.

Speaking at a Conservative party fundraiser in Nottinghamshire, the London Mayor slammed Ed Milliband and Balls as the “Thelma and Louise of British politics”.

Boris Speaking to NUCA earlier in the day, photo By Alex Bright

Boris Speaking to NUCA earlier in the day, Photo By Alex Bright


Floppy haired Boris carped on about London rise to become the fourth biggest french city in the world.

He said: “We’re bigger than Nantes, We’re bigger than Strasbourg, if it goes much longer like this we’ll have to worry about a German invasion.

“We even have a family of Huguenot refugees from France living in Dulwich, called Monsieur and Madame Farage.”

Boris pulling out his best farage impression in a pub in Notts

Boris pulling out his best farage impression in a pub in Notts. Photo By Alex Bright

The event, held at Goosedale conference and banqueting suites, was a Christmas themed fundraising dinner for local Tory party members.

It capped off a busy day in Notts for the rambling mayor, who had popped into the Capital FM studios and even found the time to pull a pint with Nottingham University Conservative Association at the Beechdale pub.