I’m all about that lace, ’bout that lace: Third year gets people to tie his shoes for him

‘My girlfriend thinks I’m a cretin’


Nottingham has long been a breeding ground of some of the world’s most inventive young minds.

From DH Lawrence to Sir Clive Granger and Andrew Witty to Brian Moore, University Park’s famous alumni have changed the world we live in.

But History finalist Guy Dumas is making a real difference with his campaign to convince as many people as possible to tie his shoelaces for him.

After duping over 40 unsuspecting victims, we caught up with pioneering Guy as he nears his half-century.

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The innovative former Ancaster boy said: “I’ve been doing it for about five years and I do it on most nights out.

“My shoelaces invariably come untied and my initial thought is always ‘right, who can I get to tie them this time?'”

As with all great ideas, Guy’s plan came from one euphoric moment of inspiration.

He said: “Basically, I’m shit at tying my shoelaces.

“I couldn’t actually tie them until I was about nine, so they always kept coming undone and it just used to piss me off.

“I play cricket and one time I was batting and my laces came undone and one of the opposition had to tie them.

“They tied them pretty well so I thought ‘why don’t I get other people to do it all the time?'”

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Before you ask, it isn’t a shameless tactic to pull girls — Guy has been in a committed relationship for years.

He said: “My girlfriend thinks I’m a cretin. I reckon she’s embarrassed about me trying it every now and then, but I’ve got her before.”

Until this candid tell-all interview, Guy had kept his secret to himself.

The 20-year-old added: “I’m convinced some of my housemates still think I can’t tie my shoelaces. Recent victim number 42 is actually my housemate.

“The first girl I got was on a Duke of Edinburgh hike. My boots were all muddy so I couldn’t believe she actually did it.

“She’d known me for a couple of years too so I was amazed. It really made me believe I could keep the whole facade up.

“I’m known for not really wearing shoes around the house or always having my laces undone so I think they genuinely believe I’m a bit of a noob.”

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With an estimated success rate of over 90 per cent, it’s all become a bit easy.

The 20-year-old added: “At my peak in freshers, I think I got four different people in one night, which I was pretty chuffed with.

“Nowadays, though, it’s all about the calibre of the person I get to do it. In my mind number 50 needs to be a big one.

“I played with my band at the Gibraltar Music Fest and at the afterparty I was speaking to the guitarist from the Script. I tried to get him to do it while we were a bit boozy. He wasn’t having it.

“Obviously getting a celebrity would be great or getting a tutor to do it during a lecture would be pretty bants.”


Perhaps unsurprisingly, there have been times when the ploy has backfired on our brave con-man.

“There was a girl from Trent who I got at Oceana once and she seemed to find it overly funny and dragged me over to her mates to tell them all about it.

“I’ve been turned down a couple of times when I’ve tried it on random girls, and the occasional guy actually completely removes my laces.”

Can you help him hit 50? Look out for Guy this week.

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