SU shop now selling jolly jumpers

Festive winter woolies now available

The SU shop is now selling limited edition University of Nottingham Christmas jumpers.

Bigwigs at the SU have shed their traditional fleecey coverings to offer up a new breed of sweatshirt.

tom tolond xmas

The SU shop will be selling the Nottingham branded Christmas jumpers for a reasonable £15 from now until the 12th of December.

Some students are happy to see the new addition to SU stock.

Jumper wearer Ben, a third year management student, told The Tab: “From December 1st, I go all-out Christmas. This Jumper will be one of the many I adorn this holiday period.”

xmas jumpers

But others were more critical.

Jack, a computer scientist, said: “I don’t like the fact that the SU is pandering to the white hetero cisgender Christian market.

“Where are the Hannukah jumpers? Where are the Kwanzaa t-shirts? It just smacks of institutional privilege.”

tom tolond xmas 2

The Jumpers, which are available in festive red or Brian Clough green are currently 20% off as part of the SU’s festive fortnight.