Breaking mews: Nott’s cat cafe coming soon

Popular pussy eaterie due to arrive in Nottingham

The company Kitty Cafe have announced plans to introduce a cat friendly tea room to the Hockley area.

The owners of Kitty Cafe are Kate and Oliver Charles-Richards, who want to create the purrfect cafe for cats and their lovers.

Cat cafes are already popular around the globe, especially in South Korea, China and even London.

Cat cafe

The cafe aims to create a feline-filled catmosphere for students and families who cannot keep cats.

If you just want to fuss a pussy for the afternoon, fear not as the project is set to arrive in Spring 2015.

The three floor cat eaterie will cater for those with aristocatic taste, serving tea, scones and milk from the saucer.

Kitty Cafe want to whisker you away to a living room style environment in which you can relax.


There is no paws fur concern over the welfare of the cats or your food too, as Kitty Cafe have the support of the Food Standards Agency and cat welfare groups.

Many of the cats they take in will be from local cat homes, giving neglected kitties a fresh start. Maybe they’ll find Rolley.

Cat banter

We asked The Tab’s resident dog lover Josh Kaplan what he thought of the concept.

He said: “You’ve got to be kitten me, the idea of so many cats in one place kinda freaks meowt. Sounds like a catastrophe, what an utter casserole of nonsense.”

Right meow, Kitty Cafe still need to raise £5000 towards the build befur they can start; the establishment will house 15-20 cats and is therefore an ambitious endeavour.

If you want to help them, check out their campaign on Kickstarter.