Meet the 2015 University Challenge team

They are definitely smarter than you

This bunch of brain boxes will be representing the University of Nottingham in the 2015 series of University Challenge. 

186 students applied to be part of the team, with three heats taking place where students were tested on their knowledge.

The final heat culminated in 16 students taking part in two full University Challenge-style quizzes.


The last time we even got to see Paxman was in 2011 and even then we went out in the second round to Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Let’s hope these fine specimens of Nottingham intelligence actually get us on TV.

The captain, and only woman on the team, is Alice Lilly who is studying Phd American Studies.

alice lilly

Ben Scrafield is studying Chemistry.

ben scrafield

Mark Dennis is studying Phd Mathematics.

Mark Dennis

Waistcoat-wearing Michael Alexander studies Medicine MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, if you didn’t know).

Michael Alexander

And finally, in the reserves is Barnaby Martin who studies Mathematics.

Barnaby Martin

Congratulations on making the team and good luck. Give Paxman our love.