Notts grad treated to surprise public proposal

He did it at the Christmas market, and he filmed it

A Nottingham graduate was left cringing as her boyfriend dropped to one knee in front of a Christmas market to propose.

Nirvana Stevens, graduate of the University of Nottingham, was caught on camera being treated to a marriage proposal from her smitten boyfriend Elliott Radford.

Elliott chose the notoriously romantic German Christmas Market as the venue for his endeavour, in Birmingham.

He organised to be chosen for a competition being held at the market to make it a public affair. His proposition was witnessed by a sizeable audience of Brummies drunk on schnitzel.


Best or wurst proposal ever?

The couple are brought out onto stage before Elliott drops to one knee, presents Nirvana with a heart-shaped box and makes his spiel. The whole thing is over within seconds.

Elliott (22) and Nirvana (20) have been together for a year and began dating whilst Nirvana was still studying at Nottingham University.

Elliott told the Birmingham Mail that Nirvana had taken him in when he had needed somewhere to stay after somehow managing to get employment in the UK’s dole capital.

Elliott expressed concern that she was going to find out about the plans.

“I hope she’s not been suspicious. She loves surprises and especially getting attention like this – she’ll love it.”

Despite being having only been together for a relatively short time, wet Elliott knew he was ready for the commitment.

“She’s just so beautiful on the outside and on the inside. We are best friends as well as partners which is what you need really. I just really want to make her happy and this is more like a symbol of proving I want to make her happy for life.”

Did Nirvana feel the same way? Watch the video to find out her answer.