Help find Rolley, Rolleston’s missing kitten

The little kitten went missing last night

A group of distraught housemates are desperate to get their furry friend back. 

Last night kitten owner Arman Shahry made an appeal on Buy/Sell Notts Tickets for fellow students and cat lovers to keep an eye out for his beloved kitten.


He offered a £50 reward for the safe return of Rolley.

Arman told The Tab: “Rolley was the 6th member of our house. He was everywhere – it does not feel the same without him.”

Rolley is a very popular pussy, the post on the group attracted an outpouring of love and sadness in the form of emojis.

emoji sadness

Arman said: “We miss him so much, I just wish he is ok and sheltered – he is only a baby.”


Arman and his housemates decided to get a cat at the beginning of the term when, as second years, they made the move from Uni park halls into Lenton.

“I have a cat back home so when we moved into houses this year from halls, I thought our house should have a cat so it feels like home.”


The house named him after Rolleston Drive.

“I even call him Rolleston some times if he is being naughty.”


The Tab hopes he doesn’t get into too much trouble for wondering off to explore the sights of Lenton.

If you have seen Rolley, please get in touch [email protected]