Have a sneaky peak at some perky cheer rears

They’re back and they’re saucier than ever

Nottingham Knights, The Uni Cheerleading squad, have released their latest nudey calendar.

This year’s effort, set to be the raunchiest yet, features guys for the first time ever.

Photos taken by dgtl Concepts photographer Sam Wordsworth

Publicity sec Alice Blair told the Tab: “The day of shooting the calendar was so much fun, all the cheerleaders that took part had such a good day.


“We had a really talented photographer, Sam Wordsworth from DGTL Concepts, and together we worked out which shots would look best.

Photos taken by dgtl Concepts photographer Sam Wordsworth

“This year was especially successful because we incorporated the boys into the calendar, which hasn’t been done, so that was exciting, and hilarious, for us.

Photos taken by dgtl Concepts photographer Sam Wordsworth

The Calendar is raising money for Operation Orphan who aim to “invest in the safety, nurture, development and overall well-being of orphans and vulnerable children.”

A calendar launch performance at Crisis on the 26th November is due to take place and the following week the Cheerleaders will be in Portland selling them in person for the reasonable sum of just 5 pounds.

Follow @uonCheerleading or like their page “Nottingham Knights Cheerleaders” for details of how to buy online.

And just in case you’ve forgotten, this is what last year’s looked like:


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