Hockey hotties strip off to fight homophobia

They can’t print their calendar because they have no funds. Someone help them out

The Nottingham Uni Hockey Club have lost their kit to raise awareness of homophobia in sport.


In the saucy video, which was shot last year, the players get into their birthday suits before playing a game completely starkers.


The video was organised by Voice Your Rights, a student-led project to tackle homophobia on campus.


Dimitri Vichas, project leader of Voice Your Rights, told The Tab: “I am gay myself and I have a huge love and passion for sports.

“I have been involved in sports since I can remember myself and even though I havent been personally got discriminated I know that many gay people do get discriminated in sports.


“There is a general fear of coming out while in sports because others may perceive you as weak or not sporty or competitive enough. I just wanted to try to work to end this wrong perception and stigma.


“Sports are for everyone and everyone should be able to enjoy them without fear.

“The hockey lads were so excited for the video filming the first thing they said was: ‘when are we getting our clothes off?’


“That day I remember it was freezing but they showed no hesitation.

“They fully support and stand behind the campaign and we as ‘Voice Your Rights’ are really thankful for that.


“Overall it was a great day, many laughs, jokes and positive energy throughout. We had a blast and hopefully that came out in the video.”

The players also shot a saucy calendar, but due to financial problems and issues with sponsorship, it is yet to be printed.

Watch the video below: