Cyclist hit by a car on Harrington Drive in latest collision

A second cyclist this week has been hit by a car

A cyclist has been hit by a car in the second collision in the last 24 hours.

The man was hit while crossing Harrington Drive by Derby Road.

Witnesses told how the cyclist was thrown into the air before landing on the windscreen.

His injuries are non-life threatening and he is being treated by emergency services.


Johnny, who lives on Harrington Drive and saw the crash, said the victim was in good spirits.

He added: “He’d been crossing the road at Harrington going up Derby Road.

“As he’s got to the left hand side of the road the driver turned into Harrington from Derby Road and she’s hit him.

“He’s flown up and flipped hitting the windscreen/bonnet which has subsequently smashed. I don’t know if it was his head or the bike handlebars that hit the car.

“He’s then landed onto the floor with glass everywhere.

“Police told us it’s only looking like he’s got some cuts and bruises. His leg was pretty bloody apparently, but no more news on that.

“He managed to phone his mum apparently and someone said he was laughing at points but yeah.”

Just yesterday a cyclist was hit outside Sainsbury’s on Derby Road.

Derby Road was locked down after a cyclist was mowed down by a black Vauxhall.

The car collided with the cyclist on the corner of Welby Avenue.


Several police cars and an ambulance attended the scene.


Onlookers said the injuries to the cyclist were non-life threatening, with police telling them the biker had shoulder pain.