Karni break record in Poppy Appeal collection

University of Nottingham students break record for biggest mass student collection in history

Karni have been honoured for raising a record amount in this year’s Poppy Appeal.

The Royal British Legion have revealed that University of Nottingham students taking part in a collection organised by Karnival raised a huge £66,552.72.

This is officially the most money raised ever during a mass student collection in one day.

108 Nottingham students travelled down to London on the evening of 6th November. They set out at 6am on Friday morning and collected for 12 hours for the Royal British Legion.

Marylebone station

Henry Bennett who was the lead student organiser of the Mega Raid collection said: “I’m incredibly proud of the total. It’s unbelievable.”

He said: “I was especially impressed by the 13 people who each individually collected over £1,000 on the day.”

The average amount collected by each students was £616.23.

Megan Cunningham, second year International Relations and Global Issues, raised a staggering £1,680 and won the title Best Collector.

She said: “It’s amazing, I had no idea it had gone so well, I guess that’s just Rutland for you.”

Three out of the top five collectors were from Rutland Hall.

Megan added: “We work so hard throughout the whole year and it just translates when we collect.

“I think location only goes so far, you have to engage with people if you expect sizable donations.”
Daisy and Hannah collecting

Hannah Schejbal (pictured above with Daisy) was one of the 13 who raised over £1000. She was collecting at Tower Hill underground station.

She said: “It was near the Tower of London so it was very busy. That just meant that so many people were happy to donate and often very generously.

“Although it was a long day collecting I am so proud to have been part of a group that raised so much and it was totally worth every second I was there.”

british legion

Also part of the record-breaking collection team was second year Ancient History student Guy Seaward.

He said: “It was incredible to see not only the vast numbers of London commuters devoted to the cause, but also all the young students giving their own time on that Friday to make a difference

The record was previously held by Loughborough University, who raised £61,716.24 in 2013.

There is a historic rivalry between University of Nottingham and Loughborough University for the top spot in Student Fundraising.

british legion2

Karnival have organised a number of other other collections with University of Nottingham students for Royal British Legion, meaning in 2014 they have raised a total of £83,326.88 for the Poppy Appeal.