Crisis at Crisis: Rock City and other clubs to breathalyse clubbers

Over twenty bars and clubs might not let you in

Plastered punters will be breahtalysed at the door of Rock City and other pubs and clubs. 

City centre drinkers will face alcohol tests at pub doors in a bid to help curb booze-fuelled bad behaviour.

Bouncers at 22 pubs and clubs in Nottingham are being given breath-test kits to help them avoid sozzled punters entering their premises.

Notts Police Chief Paddy Tipping also said “pre-loaders” – who drink cheap alcohol at home before going out – may be refused entry.

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It might mean less of this…

The aim is to help security staff identify people who have become vulnerable through consuming too much alcohol under the new Responsible Drinking Initiative.

The drink-drive legal limit is 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath.

In Birmingham, where a similar scheme began last month, pubs have been barring people recording 70 microgrammes, equivalent to four pints of average-strength beer.

And less of these

And less of these

According to Alex Castle-Clarke, from Nottingham Crime and Drug Partnership, there will be no city-wide limit in Nottingham, although individual bars may choose to introduce one.

The scheme, which started last week, has been established by the Crime and Drugs Partnership along with Nottinghamshire Police, with input from the Street Pastors and alcohol treatment service Last Orders.

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And this…

Mr Castle-Clarke said: “Our focus is on identifying a problem, understanding it and responding correctly. The breathalyser is part of that process.”

He said trained door staff could use a breath test reading as evidence not just to bar someone but also to guide them in what to do next.

Mr Castle-Clarke said: “It could be that a high reading suggests the need for Street Pastors or even an ambulance.

“Or putting a leaflet in the person’s pocket for them to read next day, suggesting they ask themselves if they need support and the help of people like Last Orders, for instance.”

Addressing “pre-loaders” who prime themselves at home with cheap alcohol before paying pub prices in town, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping said: “Drink heavily before you come into the city centre and you may be refused entry to venues.”


Licensees’ representative Mike Knight, of Nottingham Pub and Club Watch, said: “The breathalyser will save time arguing about whether someone has had enough. It could cut out confrontation at the door.”

Among the 22 venues that have volunteered to join the programme are Rock City, Squares and Via Fossa.

Mark Smith, general manager at Rock City, said: “We are happy to be part of this initiative along with the police and other partnerships to encourage our customers to drink responsibly and make sure they enjoy their night.”