When was the last time you cried?

Dry your eyes mate

From a swift kick to the balls to cheating boyfriends – we went to Uni Park to find out when you last had a good old cry.

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Ciai, Law & French

“The last time was when I was saying goodbye to my sisters when I came to visit me at my Halls”

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L* (presumably for ‘looking for love’)

“When did I last cry? It’s a funny story really, two hours ago when my boyfriend broke up with me by text”

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Sam, Business and Modern Languages

“Cried in my Business lecture due a fat comedown”

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Rachel, Theology

“The last time I was really sick the pain was so unbearable I cried”


James and Alice, Mechanical and Civil Engineering

“When my friend really upset me”  Alice told the Tab. James meanwhile admitted “It was probably when I was about 12 watching Finding Nemo, can’t hack dead fish”

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Jake, Physics

“When I left for sixth form I shed a tear – I wasn’t full on bawling though”

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Katie, French and Hispanic Studies

“We went on a night out and I was convinced my boyfriend had got with another girl. I was ready to bitch slap her”

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Olkechukwu also known as ‘K’, PhD Biology

“Yesterday I was kicked in the groin”

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Georgie, English

“My friend is leaving uni and yesterday we all had a group crying session, someone started off and then we were all in tears!”

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Harry, Biology

“Watching Shawshank Redemption 6 months ago got me”