The Tab wot got you a job: Notts ranks third in the country for media grads

We’re pretty good at other stuff too

Relieved studyhards will be glad to know Nottingham has been ranked in the top fifteen for the most desirable graduate jobs.

LinkedIn released rankings for the best universities for marketing, media, accounting, finance and investment banking.

The good news is, Nottingham appears amongst the top fifteen in all five sectors.

Media is where Nottingham really pulls some punches. Ranking in the top three behind only Oxford and Leeds, it’s clear the Tab has made a big impact on graduate careers.


The bad news is, if you plan to forge a career in finance – you might want to think again.

Placed at a disappointing 12th, Nottingham is not landing its graduates desirable finance jobs.

With the top finance companies preferring to choose their graduates from the likes of LSE, UCL and Cambridge, who are also the top three ranked when it comes to picking investment bankers – Nottingham is placed a more encouraging 8th.

Forget the Wolf Wall Street, maybe you could be the Nighthawk of Nottingham.


Relatively positive news for those heading into marketing – Nottingham ranks top ten, albeit 9th.

Although marketing isn’t even in the top ten most popular jobs for previous Nottingham alumni, with just over 3,300 Nottingham graduates working in the marketing sector.

But over three quarters of students work in job sectors which are not included in this survey – including the likes of research, engineering and education – Nottingham’s most popular areas for employmentt.

Hold tight researchers, engineers and teachers of tomorrow, one day your survey will come.