Someone tried to make some cheddar on the facebook tickets group

Graters gonna grate

Someone tried to sell a massive block of cheese on a Facebook group.

Sam Young, a 3rd year mechanical engineering student took to the Buy/Sell tickets (Notts uni) page in a dairyng attempt to shift the hefty block.



By Sunday evening, the post had attracted a whopping 536 likes, leading some to think they were hallouminating.

The 5kg block of mild cheddar came with a suggested RRP of £21.66, but the seller would take any gouda offer.


As the page is only intended for ticket sales, Sam may have to tread Caerphilly if trying to sell any other dairy products.cheesecap1

Prospective buyers on the group, instead of making offers, took to the comments to offer their wittiest offerings

cheese seller

Everyone’s favourite buy/sell tickets contributor also posted his best cheese joke.

Daz Hoff, of jew kuntz fame, waded in.

hoff cheese

The Tab’s head dairy correspondent, Chris Milner, offered his thoughts on the prospective transaction.

“Selling cheese in this way suggests the owner has seen feta times, to have to sell such a fine block is emotional at the best of times, it must be driving emmental.

“In my opinion, facebook isn’t the best place for this sort of transaction, he should’ve tried briebay.”