UKIP Youth gatecrashed an anti-UKIP meeting in the Union and it was hilarious

A shouting match reminiscent of a street brawl in 1930s Berlin 

A Left-wing strategy meeting called “Keep Notts UKIP Free” at the University of Nottingham descended into hilarious chaos when UKIP turned up to argue back.

The audience was mostly made up of members from the UoN Labour Party and Green Party.

But sneakily placed among the audience was a small group of UKIP youth bootboys who were in the room with the intention to cause mischief.

One of the Kippers freely admitted to being “pretty drunk” and kept hilariously and loudly falling over during the meeting. Was this a vain attempt to mimic Nigel Farage?


The kippers

In attendance as on hand experts were Ruth Smeeth, from Hope Not Hate, and the Labour candidate for Stoke on Trent, and Shreya Paudel, NUS International Students Officer.

The event started off a 1984 esque two minutes hate by the hand-wringers against UKIP.

They attacked UKIP for being “extreme racists”, “idiots” and “something from 1930s Germany”.

Shreya Paudel said that UKIP “don’t stand for black or brown people” in society and Ruth Smeeth declared that UKIP are “exclusively made up of white men”.

The anger in the room was real but the debate from most people really focussed on “the bankers and the bonuses”, a “crisis in Capitalism” and rather surreally gender neutral toilets.

I’m sure this sort of talk is going to wipe the freakish smile off Nigel Farage’s face.


One notable speech featured a woman who proudly stood up and declared “I am a Lesbian and a Communist”. This was met by rapturous applause from the audience while she continued to spout about the occupy movement.

The UKIPers however could take no more of what the angry room had to say.

They finally revealed themselves to the audience and began their own angry rant about how great UKIP was.

One UKIP activist shouted: “I’d never be a member of a racist party.” Another said: “We’re not anti-immigration just against people continuing to come here.”

The audience were met with horror by UKIP coming to their meeting.

They were all shocked and disgusted. One man, who had earlier labelled himself a communist, said that the UKIP youth members “should be thrown out. We don’t come and taunt UKIP branch meeting things.”


When UKIP members tried to speak again they were shouted down by the angry crowd. The disruption was such that order from the host of the event had to be called for several times.

The meeting ended with a speech by Ruth Smeeth trying to muddle together some conclusion from this farce.

But even she was booed by the pugnacious audience when she said they needed to deal with UKIP by forming a “left-wing coalition against their ideas and not bang on about a socialist economy”.


One UKIP member after the event said to the Tab “We have achieved what we came here to do, put across the true face of UKIP and cause chaos amongst the socialists.”

One moderate member of Nottingham University Labour also told the Tab: “It’s always funny when the membership voice their views on anything.”