We visited the scariest places in Notts and nearly peed ourselves at Ye Olde Salutation Inn

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Legend has it that Nottingham is one of the most spooky and paranormal stricken cities in the UK, and no, we don’t just mean the general haunting sights of Lenton.

Be warned; evidence of paranormal activity may or may not be visible in the following photos.


Hospitals are bloody creepy

Hospitals are bloody creepy

QMC creepy

Soon after this picture was taken we hot tailed it to Costa.

A figure wearing a grey robe has been spotted wandering around at night, vanishing when people start to look for the ‘it’. Nurses who sleep in one of the rest rooms have also apparently been woken up by a strange figure on numerous occasions.

Fear Factor – 8/10

Ghost or not, someone wandering the hospital aimlessly in their robe at night would unnerve anyone. Creepy corridors? Check. Scary looking lifts? Check. A Costa, numerous cafe’s and a cuddly toy shop? Maybe there’s perks to haunting this place.


Victoria Shopping Centre


Is there anything more scary than old people?


These wigs are haunted – probably.


In spring 2005 a mother and daughter entered an empty lift; during their brief journey, they both spotted a man standing just behind the daughter.

Fear Factor – 4/10

A worker from the Dad’s Halal Meat stall at the back of the Market said “Yeah baby, there is definitely something funny going on around here! It must be haunted because no one’s here, it’s like a ghost town!”. We appreciated the banter but conceded that the Vic Centre was probably safe from ghosts.

The Caves/ Galleries of Justice


Shovels on the walls? Definite signs of paranormal activity – maybe.


Well, at least they think it’s scary

The courtrooms are apparently haunted by criminals who were executed on site. A more recent sighting in 2010 was of a happy young girl, around eight years old, who supposedly vanished while running towards the witness.

Fear Factor – 7/10

Probably the most obvious hang out place for a Notts ghost. The lighting and smell are definitely right. Like QMC, knowing people have actually died on this spot would creep anyone out slightly. The little girl was most probably just trying to escape boredom though

The Salutation Inn


Fancy a pint or a fright?


Taken whilst running away


Manager of the Salutation, Mark, told us “There are between 60 and 80 ghosts in here; Rosie, a street urchin who carries roses around with her, and John, the old Landlord, who poisoned himself and his family and died… He tends to flicker the lights in the cellar.”

Mark also told a story from June last year when he invited two couples down to the cellar. Both men took a picture of one of the women from different sides of the room. Both pictures showed an orb in the corner which could not have been the light due to the different angles of the photos – we’re spooked.

Fear Factor 10/10 Reluctantly agreeing to tour the upstairs of the Inn, we could not wait to run free from this creepy old place. You definitely get a funny feeling in here, but that might just be after a few pints.

Broadmarsh Shopping Centre


Not even a filter can make this place look creepy


Waiting for something to jump out at us

Dark, indistinct shadows have been seen darting around, and an upset woman in Victorian clothing has been spotted. It has also been reported that a few people have heard the sound of explosions overhead.

Fear Factor – 7/10

Not a place to wander alone at night anyway, the alleged spirit spot is most definitely a good way up the spooky scale. The tunnel leading to the bus station is particularly scary (even without the edgy filter)

The Castle


Definitely not Hogwarts

Queen Isabella has been heard screaming, a phantom child is also said to haunt the site, and the gallery is apparently haunted by the Countess of Nottingham, who only appears to people who will die within a year.

Fear Factor – 8/10

We’d love to claim this didn’t scare us at all, but that would be bullshit. This story creeped us out and left us running for home (the bus).