Meet the Broadgate Park Fresher who was haunted by a ghost crying for ‘help’

“I realised ‘SUFFER’ was written on the condensation on my window”

As a fresher Emma Collingwood had a spookier start to student life than most. Suffering a year long stint of paranormal activity at Broadgate Park shook her to her core.

The English and French student, now in her 2nd year, admitted to the Tab “I’m not a superstitious person at all but some strange things happened when I was at Broadgate Park last year”

Emma and her flatmates before the paranormal activity started

Emma and her flatmates pre pesky paranormal activity

She told the Tab “pretty much throughout the year I swear I could hear a gentle knocking on my door throughout the night, which woke me up sometimes, but I thought there was probably a simple explanation behind it and got used to it.”

Emma was mostly unphased by the unexplained knocking until things got a whole lot weirder.

She says “then the first strange thing that happened was I realised ‘SUFFER’ was written in the condensation on my window”

But the strange thing was that when I wiped it, it came away, which suggests it was written from the inside… and I definitely hadn’t noticed it before during my first few months there”


Could have just sent a text

The creepy messages did not end there “a lot later on during summer exams, I was on the phone to my boyfriend when I noticed a tiny white magnet stuck to my window bar…as soon as I noticed it, the phone cut out, and when I looked at it, I saw that ‘help!’ was written on it.”

Rachel Smith, Emma’s flatmate at the time, told the Tab that unexplained goings on were pretty common in their flat. She said “the automatic lights used to come on when no one was at home”.

"I still don't believe in ghosts"

“I still don’t believe in ghosts”

To the nay sayers who reckon Emma was the butt of a dedicated prank gone wrong she says: “Well I think they would have owned up for it by now!”

She admitted she has pondered other possibilities.

“We’ve thought through a lot of possible explanations…like with the condensation writing, the grease from the finger of whoever wrote it could have stayed on the window a long time and then only showed up when the room steamed up as I started to put my radiator on…”

room pic


Ghost-busting Emma concluded she still doesn’t really believe in the supernatural.

She said “I did have one or two sleepless nights though”. Emma, we don’t blame you no one wants a sadistic ghost creeping around their bedroom.

Emma never found out if she was really haunted by a ghost or if her flatmates just had far too much time on their hands.

She told the Tab she wasn’t taken seriously by her hall “I emailed Broadgate Park to inquire about the past tenant but they didn’t reply… they probably thought I was joking around”.