‘I thought I’d been shot’: Finalist’s birthday ruined by a drive-by egging

Worst birthday ever?

A hapless fourth year was left desperate and crying on her birthday night out – after she was mercilessly EGGED on her walk home. 

Ill-fated Frances Helm thought she had been shot when an egg was launched from the window of a passing car and smashed on her exposed shoulder.

She said: “It hit me with such force I crumpled against the wall. My friend had a McDonald’s bag and started wiping me with the red part, which rubbed off onto my skin.

“It looked like I was bleeding and I thought I’d been shot.”

Frances being helped by friends moments after the attack

Frances, 21, was having a smashing night at Dogma to celebrate her birthday but was left a shell of her former self when the missile struck.

“We saw the car go past and it all happened so quickly,” she said.

“It was a beautiful shot but it was all in my hair and on my clothes. I absolutely stank.

“My friends were closer to the car than I was – the egg flew straight past my two friends and hit me square on the shoulder.”

The Unhappiest Meal of her life

The unhappiest meal of her life

Her supportive friends cracked up as the birthday girl lay shocked on the floor.

The History and American Studies student added: “I was screaming ‘Stop laughing! I think I’ve been shot!’

“They were just on the floor laughing at me.

“I got myself into the idea that the people who threw it knew it was my birthday and they’d deliberately targeted me.”

Furious eggy-headed Frances stormed off with anger down the road – only to realise she had lost her house keys.

The night had begun so well

The night had begun so well

“I had to go back up the road and find my friends who let me have a shower at theirs to try and get it off.

“I woke up the next day wondering where I was and why I was half wet.

“I went downstairs and my friends burst out laughing again – I managed to chuckle.”

Frances has tried to keep looking on the sunny side but admits the ordeal has left her scarred.

“The day time is safe but as soon as darkness falls I’m in a cab.

“I haven’t walked back from a night out ever since.”