Gastronaut burger – The Chosen Bun

UoN graduates send burger into orbit

Two Nottingham entrepeneurs have launched one of their gourmet burgers into space, complete with a side of chips.


One small step for bun..

The gastronauts Andy and Pete are the creators of Chosen Bun, a burger delivery service based in London. The pair started working on their business in 2012 whilst still at Nottingham University, beef-ore moving to the capital.

The Tab spoke to Andy Shovel, one of the intrepid pair and 2008 Business and Geography grad about why they attempted this meaty feat.

“It was mainly because we thought it’d be fun. We both like space and Pete did engineering at uni. The whole thing cost a couple of grand and showed off the packaging we designed and patented”

They are a team intent on innovating ideas, being the first people to master the art of quarter pounder delivery and space flight.

Pete and the burger reunited after it's spacey expedition

Pete and the burger reunited after it’s spacey expedition

The pair relished the idea of propelling a patty past the stratosphere, seeing the move as both pioneering and a sauce of advertising.

After a failed first attempt, the fast food reached over 112,000 feet before the helium balloon burst. The meal begins to plummet violently earthwards at terrifying velocity. The chips are unable to handle the turbulence and bail out at around 88,000. No-one hears them scream.


Goodbye my sweet potato fries. Mayo the force be with you.

Despite the chips being lost in space and a beef impact for the hitch hiking hamburger, gravity brought it back from its odyssey pickle free, 32 miles from the launch site.

Here’s Chosen Bun’s video of the close encounter.