Arsonists did not start the Jubilee fire

Notts cops deem fire to be accidental

CRAZED ARSONISTS are not to blame for the Jubilee campus fire last month.

The fire at Jubilee campus last month has been investigated by Nottinghamshire Police, with officers finding no evidence of deliberate ignition.

gsk wreck

A statement from Notts Police declared that with the help of the Fire and Rescue Service, the investigation showed no signs of purposeful or accidental arson.

gsk fire 2

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, but the extent of the destruction suggests an explosion of some kind began the blaze.

This brings in questions regarding the safety of those involved in rebuilding the Centre for Sustainable Chemistry.

Accidental initiation of the inferno is perhaps more concerning than an arson; as the building could blow its top again during rebuilding.

Did someone leave the candle on?

Did someone leave the Bunsen burner on?

The firms responsible for the rebuild have already discussed alternative materials, but will want to know the cause of the explosion in order to avoid a repeat.

When the building is eventually rebuilt, hopefully some sustainable chemistry might actually take place.

Third year medic Ross, told The Tab: “As a medic I was looking forward to all the sustainable chemistry that was going to happen at my uni, but was devastated when the lab burnt down.

“I just want them to rebuilt as soon as they can. After all, a uni without sustainable chemistry is barely a uni at all.”