Formal Freshers denied club entry for ‘being too smart’ with phone smashed in angry aftermath

Videos show revellers turned away for not looking like they’ll have fun

This is the moment disgruntled freshers were denied entry to a Nottingham night club for being dressed too smartly.

In the ensuing argument one of the group had his phone smashed.

Bullish bouncers refused to let them enter the notoriously wavey Market Bar nightclub after their halls formal.

A doorman in the video said: “We like people to look relaxed and having fun. Suits do not give off that impression.”

A second video shows a student’s mobile phone knocked to the floor for attempting to film the responses to questions.

The fresher says “I’m not here to cause trouble” while holding his phone in the face of one bouncer.

The fresh faced first years claim after the video was taken, the bouncer captured on the right of the video grabbed another student’s phone, snapped it and threw it to the floor.

bouncer 1

This is not an iPhone 6

First year medic, Tom, said: “I was just trying to enjoy my night which I’d already paid for, when I was confronted by an aggressive and unreasonable bouncer who was pushing my friends around.

“When I took my phone out to record him, the bouncer smacked my phone out of my hand, and it smashed.

“This was while I was in the middle of a public road, so after reviewing the CCTV, the manager accepted that the bouncer’s actions had been unreasonable, however didn’t 100 per cent believe the footage was clear enough to justify the club paying for a new phone.

“This has caused a great deal of inconvenience and has been a higly upsetting ordeal. Living on a student loan, I would be unable to fork out £400 for a new phone, so currently have no way of communicating with friends or family.”

bouncer 3

Just too damn fly

Owner of Market Bar Adam Pereira said the club offered to pay for their taxi home so they could get changed and come back to the club in more suitable clothing.

He said: “The manager even offered to pay for all their taxis so they could go home and change their clothes.

“In their event, it stated no formal wear/get changed after the formal etc. We went out of our way to make the event work for them as everyone said the hall had good people in it and 90 per cent of them were.

“It’s the offer of the taxi that gets me. One group of guys said they never wanted to go to Market Bar in the first place as they had a table at BZR & had clearly dressed for there.

“What makes it even worse is that they brought tickets and it meant other people who wanted to go couldn’t as it sold out. It was bloody Artful Dodger too.”

bouncer 2

‘Unfortunate’ damage

Medic Tom claims they were not told of the dress code.

Dapper BNOC Jesse said: “Bouncers think they’re immune from committing the kind of behaviour they kick people out of clubs for. I’m not a fan of their god complex.”