Kissing, silly faces, and uh, nipples. Were you at Crisis last night?

The photobooth is back and you’re weirder than ever

Zidane to the groin

Zidane to the groin

2014-10-23 01.09.33

Pucker up

2014-10-23 00.48.54

Princess peach


VK Scissor hands

VK Scissor hands

There's always one

There’s always one

That's not your natural hair colour!

It’s even more magical up close

He sees you

What shampoo do you use?! Dee-lish


Is that a wig?

Hey Arabella, I went to school with you

Hey Arabella, I went to school with you

He's pretty smug about his prospects tonight

He’s pretty smug about his prospects tonight

Get Wild

These two love birds couldn’t wait till later

Cardiac Abreast

Cardiac Abreast

alone 4

Come take a photo with me! I’m wild!

alone 3


alone 2

Almost there!

alone 1

Forever Alone

2014-10-23 01.48.25

I wonder what he’s smiling about

2014-10-23 01.38.46

Working hard, or hardly working?

He looks excited

Nice! Uh, tie mate

2014-10-23 01.35.37

Nom Nom Nom

2014-10-23 01.24.49

Not by the hairs on your Chinny..

2014-10-23 01.24.41


2014-10-23 01.24.26


2014-10-23 01.07.35

You feel that?

2014-10-23 01.05.21

I waant it thadda way

2014-10-23 01.04.24

10 points for the girl in the middle

2014-10-23 00.52.24

Hang on guys, let me just..

2014-10-23 00.52.16

Yup, hairs good

2014-10-23 00.52.09

Oh Come on!

2014-10-23 00.47.02

No. Bro. I love you more

2014-10-23 00.44.45

Holy Smokes Batman, that stinks!

2014-10-23 00.42.33

Coppa Feel

2014-10-23 00.41.20

He’s just realized his budgeting hasn’t really gone to plan

2014-10-23 00.39.55

Coppa Real Feel

2014-10-23 00.34.02

I don’t know this guy behind me

2014-10-23 00.23.55


2014-10-23 00.19.15

The face you make when your life flashes before your eyes

2014-10-23 00.14.24

We see this a lot

2014-10-23 00.14.31

When friends leave friends out 🙁

2014-10-23 00.14.38


2014-10-23 00.11.09 – you’re welcome mate 😉