All of this guy’s mates dressed as him for 7 legged

They were jealous of the majestic ‘fro

Ever had a last minute struggle for a fancy dress costume?

So did these guys, but instead of half-arsing some face-paint or going as “themselves”, they decided to nick their housemate Dan’s clothes.

The Nottingham students dressed up for the infamous 7 legged bar crawl on Monday night.

The plan had been in motion for a couple of days before the big night, with Dan none the wiser.

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The idea to parody Dan’s distinctive do came from prankster-in-chief Ash Bell.

He told the Tab: “We all came up with the idea because Dan’s quite a hard guy to miss with his hair, then I spoke to his housemates and they let me in to his house to take all of his clothes.

“We told him to turn up to pre-drinks late, he turned up saw us all and ran off down the road.”

Will the real Dan Rattigan please stand up?

Will the real Dan Rattigan please stand up?

While the shock was initially too much for the former WeekOne exec, he later overcame his trepidation and managed to enjoy the night with his clones.

He told The Tab: “It was like the Truman show because everyone was in on what my fancy dress was but none of them would tell me, to be honest, I expected to be in some massive penis costume or something,  I had no idea.”

“The  bar crawl was hilarious but ocean was a nightmare because we split up and so I was the only guy not in costume, I’ve been here three years and still never been able to dress up for seven legged”