Hitting your housemate on the head with a chair is even better in slow motion

Someone’s been watching too much wrestling

Last year we had a guy slam his head through a table. 

Now, two play fighting Nottingham students have made good use of more living room furniture.

Cue shouts of “he’s got the chair”.

It was supposed to be a relaxed pre drinks.

That’s until one chap in green and gold shorts attempts to bear hug his housemate.

chair 1

chair 2

Our man in black is having none of it.

Wrestling the big oaf off of him, he raises the chair and brings it crashing down on his enemy’s hard skull.

chair 3

chair 4

His huge frame is sent crashing to the floor, much to the jeers of the audience.

But that’s not enough for the victor. He lands another blow to the back of his enemy, celebrating while his conquest squirms on the floor.

chair 5

The only thing missing from this video, is JR’s signature “Oh my Gawd!”


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