‘Andy Hoe licked our toes’ – Meet the girls with the weirdest Ocean tattoo yet

Taking the devotion to a new level

Tonight you might dip your toe in the big O. But how about doing it permanently?

Meet Jasmin and Sarah. They took their Ocean devotion to a new level with the Ocean logo tattoed on the bottom of their big toes.

The best friends, who graduated this summer, commemorated their time in Nottingham the week before the final Ocean of last year.

toes ocean and pi

They met studying Maths (which explains the pi symbol), but truly bonded over their love of shirt swinging and VKs.

They spent the last Ocean barefoot as everyone wanted to take a look. And try and lick it off.

licking her toe

“Andy Hoe didn’t believe it at first. He licked his finger and tried to rub it off, as did everyone else. We thought we were going to get so many infections,” Sarah told us.

“Everyone thought we were lying because we are the least likely people to ever get tattoos.”

Girls and Andy Hoe

For £30 the girls have a lasting reminder of their amazing unay experience. “It didn’t even hurt.”

The tattoo parlour did laugh at them though. Unlike their Trent counterpart, they were stone cold sober when they made the decision.

Sarah tells us: “We were on a night out when we said let’s get a tattoo and shook on it. The next morning we said let’s actually do it.

“Let’s get pi for Maths and then we thought it would be hilarious to get Ocean too. When pi didn’t hurt, we just thought why not?”


Their Friday night attendance is impressive. Jasmin said: “I did second year twice and I was there the majority of the time. I was there more than I wasn’t.”

And, believe it or not, they both enjoy Ocean sober.

“We don’t believe the ‘gotta be drunk’ to enjoy it thing. We did a whole lent sober and went to Ocean every week.”

Jasmin even crossed enemy lines once and braved Ocean on a Trent Saturday. “It was strange because I feel like I could draw you a map of Ocean where people are going to be and they weren’t there. I didn’t like it.”

toes 2

We asked the girls to try and pin point their best Ocean memory from their years of taking a dip.

Last Ocean was where all Sarah’s dreams came true when she crowd surfed during Dirty Dancing’s Time of Your Life. She said “It was just the best moment, it was the end of uni. There’s videos of me crying- it looks like I’m having a breakdown.”

Jasmin said: “I was a Week One wanker. Teaching the freshers how to Baywatch was amazing. They thought we were absolutely mental but obviously it’s completely normal.”

ocean carpet

They were gutted, though, when they missed the Hoff himself grace the hallowed carpet. While he was baptised with sweaty shirts in December 2013, they were in the loos.

“We were having a deep emotional chat in the loo and completely missed it. We didn’t believe that it happened until we saw the video the next day.”

Jasmin added: “I’m definitely having Baywatch at my wedding. I want to tell my grandchildren to go to Nottingham and go to Ocean.”

Having graduated, the girls are pursuing life in the real world but Friday nights just aren’t the same. And there’s no keeping them away – they make their return to Ocean tonight.

The Tab advises not licking their feet.