Breaking: Crisis closed after fresher falls off balcony

Victim “lying in pool of blood” after serious fall

The Tab has learnt that a man has fallen off the top balcony in the main room of Rock City during tonight’s Crisis.


Eyewitnesses saw the victim swaying before he eventually fell, plummeting the 3 meters to the dance floor.


Crisis staff were quick on the scene attending to the victim straight away. The incident occurred at around 12:45am, with paramedics attending the scene in just under four minutes.


Police were then called and arrived just before 1am.

The Tab understands that all music was stopped to deal with the incident. Witnesses saw the victim hit the dance floor face first and remain motionless for some time.


He was then carried off on a stretcher to rapturous applause from onlookers, he was conscious and no CPR was performed.

The victim is believed to be a member of the Rugby team who all headed to QMC after the ambulance left.


Some sources have told us that the victim may be a Lenton and Wortley fresher, but this is unconfirmed.

A member of the Rugby team told The Tab “shit, that might be one of our players”


More details to follow.