Lab funders fear further blunders

Firms backing Jubilee rebuild worry that wood is too flammable

Fresh debate has been sparked over the causes of the fire at Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus last month. 

A recent Nottingham City Council meeting has questioned the reasoning behind the fire at Nottingham University.

The re-building of the ark-like structure on Jubilee campus has sparked many questions for the firms looking to support this £20 million pound project.

It seems that wood, the material used throughout history as a tool for cooking food and heating homes, is not the best choice when it comes to fire safety.

apparently wood sometimes catches fire

apparently wood sometimes catches fire

The building was engulfed by a raging inferno which burnt this modern piece of architecture to a crisp. Amazingly no one was injured as 60 firefighters tackled the smoky inferno.

At a heated council meeting, proceedings focused on trying to work out why the fire had been so devastating and how to tackle this in the future.


Cool guys don’t look at explosions

Councillor Ken Rigby fuelled the argument. He said: “It’s all very well that we build eco-properties, but by trying to save on fuel bills and energy use are we creating an additional fire risk?”

In an ironic twist he then followed on with: “This was going to be a world-leading carbon neutral building.”

It probably doesn’t take an expert to understand that during its short life the building hasn’t lived up to its billing; emphasis here on the “was going to be”.

The scene of where the carbon neutral lab would've been

The scene of where the carbon neutral lab would’ve been

Investigations are still on-going but this whole ordeal has been a cruel reminder of the problems of balancing eco-friendly and people-friendly.