Notts students not afraid to splash the cash

Spending up in Notts as students flock to the city

If anyone thought the culture of ‘go hard or go home’ had started to fade since the rise in tuition fees, you couldn’t be more wrong.

After the, wait for it… £516 million spent by Notts students last year, financial services company Experian estimates that by the end of this calendar year, student expenditure is set to increase to £522.5 million. And by 2017 their prediction stands at a whopping £542 million.

Compare these figures to those from 2003 – a time when tuition fees were capped at a now handsome-looking £1000 – and a rather tame generation of students peaked at just £460 million.

Spending money in the city and online

Spending money in the city and online

It comes as no surprise to some as Nottingham students splash more cash on clothes and music than any other uni, a recent survey by Amazon revealed.

The increase in spending in the city may have something to do with the fact that both universities in the city are enrolling more students than ever before – no less than 70,000 in fact.

Nonetheless some students have openly admitted to somewhat overspending.

Getting cash happy when the loan comes in

Getting cash happy when the loan comes in


Second year BNOC Harpreet Bal said “when you think about it, these figures aren’t all that surprising, I probably contribute at least six grand myself”

Fellow flatmate Anthony Singh vouched for the statement. He said: “A guy like Harpreet has a strong reputation to uphold – if that involves buying drinks for 10 other people in Cocotang, then so be it.”

While it’s unlikely that this strange kind of generosity is common, perhaps if there is something to be taken from all this, it should not be a warning about the wastefulness of youth but a compliment to our lavish ways.