Man-haters, feminists and inequality

I say ‘feminism’ you say…

“If a girl gropes a guy, no one cares”

165,252 men and women worldwide have signed up as advocates of the HeForShe campaign promoting gender equality.

The Tab adds your voices to the debate.

“Sexism,” says Allar Ounapuu

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A question mark for feminism from Allar’s friend

“They [feminists] claim it’s about equality but it promotes inequality, feminism deals with one side of the story.

“I think men are affected by gender stereotypes too at uni, it’s intrinsic for men to act like men,” he says.

“My problem is if a guy gropes a girl for example it’s fucked, but if a girl gropes a guy the same rules don’t apply, no one cares.”

“Gender equality…equal rights,” says Shannon Jackson

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An awkward grimace for feminism

“It’s definitely becoming more accepted but if you say the word it’s like alright, ok then,” she says, looking at the ground and grimaces.

“Cool, no worries,” says Matt St Leger

"Yes I am a feminist"

“Yes I am a feminist”

“Yes I am a feminist.

“As a guy I haven’t experienced any gender inequality but I know girls who have been talked down to as a result of lad culture, especially in halls.”

“Genders being equal,” says Anna

Inspired by Emma Watson

“I saw Emma Watson’s speech and men have all the power when there should be equality of genders.”

“I disapprove,” says Alex Ward

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Alex blames the media

“I think feminism goes the opposite way from equality these days, the media is partially to blame.”

When asked if he had experienced maltreatment because of his gender he said:  “No, to be honest, you don’t tend to if you’re a man.”

“Equality and balance,” says Anjola Osifeso

"Most guys treat me as an equal"

“Most guys treat me as an equal”

“It’s about women being on the same stage as men. Trying to get the balance right. It’s a good thing.”

“Some people think it’s about man-hating but I don’t think so.”

“Change” says Haddi

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“Feminism makes you a better person, it makes you loud, it makes you more of a human being.”

“I’m definitely a feminist, I do a lot of pro feminist stuff. Personally it was because my sister brought me up on her own when my dad was away.

“I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her because of her gender.”

“Men are equal to women,” says Tina Lee

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Say no to gender abuse

“Abuse for example is wrong when it is directed an either gender, and it’s not right for men nor women.”

“Radical,” says Juan

"Have I experienced gender inequality? No, I'm male"

“Have I experienced gender inequality? No, I’m male”

“It scares people, what’s radical and different, people are afraid of it…feminism can therefore be seen as violent.”

“Giving women equal opportunities,” says Hannah

Not a strong feminist but still a feminist

Not a strong feminist but still a feminist

“I would say I am a feminist.”

Her message reads “I am not a strong feminist but I believe in gender equality in and out of the workplace.”