Hit and run girl has case dropped by police – and now Student Finance want money back

Still suffering from her injuries, the police have dropped her case. Now she is told to pay for lost time

The victim of a hit and run in Lenton has spoken of her life changing injuries – and now Student Finance are screwing her over too.

Helen Ansell, 20, was mown down on Ilkeston Road in March earlier this year.

She suffered a broken leg and a smashed ankle – leaving her in a wheelchair for months. Despite the police making two arrests, the case has been dropped due to a lack of evidence.

helen ansell

Helen was in her second year of an English degree

Helen had to leave university after the incident to go home and recover. Student Finance are now telling her that she owes them money for the time lost on her course.

They docked £500 off her loan this year and making her pay for the term she wasn’t at university.

The letter from student finance

The letter from student finance taking £508 from Helen

She said: “They’re not being very sympathetic – as if I need anything more to worry about.”

Student Services said there was support she could apply for but this is unlikely as the funding has recently been cut.

Despite not being able to walk properly, money is her overriding worry. She said: “I’m poorer.”



Helen (right) has had to pay for the term she wasn’t at university

On March 7th at approximately 4.30pm, Helen was walking to meet her friend to go to the gym. She crossed Ilkeston Road by the Post Office at the end of Rothesay Avenue.

“The road was clear until I got half way across when I saw a car speeding towards me.

“I ran to try and get clear but the car hit me and I went over the bonnet, smashing into the wing mirror and flying underneath a parked car”.


Ambulances were on the scene quickly and Helen was treated in QMC.

She said: “The pain was indescribable and it’s worse because I can remember it all because I was awake. I didn’t pass out until 2am because of all the adrenalin.”

screws in leg

Helen was in hospital for three and a half weeks and was wheelchair bound for two months.

Witnesses said paramedics had Helen wrapped up and with an oxygen mask. Saul, a third year at the time, said: “I thought she was dead.”

Her summer plans to go to Benicàssim were ruined as she returned home to recover, unable to take the summer exams and giving up on plans to graduate this year.   


Witnesses thought Helen (far right) was dead

injury 3

The English Literature student has returned to uni this semester to restart her second year and will be studying just one module.

“I feel really out of touch with university life. I’m worried about my grades because I can’t concentrate very well. It’s really overwhelming. I’m on my own in lectures and seminars so I feel like a lost fresher again.

“I can’t walk to uni so I have to get a bus. And no, I don’t always get a seat.”

injury 2

Helen made her return to Ocean last Friday, the first time she has been out in seven months.

She said: “From what I can remember I really enjoyed it, but I couldn’t walk very well the next day.”

x ray

She will undergo rehabilitation treatment and physiotherapy for the next two years.

She was left with a six inch gash and lost part of her calf in the accident. It will be two years before the muscle grows back.

Helen broke a tibia leg bone, metatarsals in her left foot and smashed her ankle.

Her friends have been incredibly supportive

Her friends have been incredibly supportive

She said: “I have gone from only ever having a simple routine blood test at the hospital to having everything they offer, from intensive care to operations.”

The police dropped the case on Thursday because of a lack of evidence. Helen said: “It is beyond frustrating. His life hasn’t changed at all and mine has been ruined. He didn’t know when he drove off if I was dead or not”.

She urges people to come forward with any information so that the case can be reopened and justice can be served.