Feminists slam SU reaction to Cavendish chant

‘Dig her up and fuck her rotten’ is just another example of lad culture at university

UoN Feminists say they are disgusted by the video showing freshers chanting about sex with corpses.

The university’s feminist campaign society also criticised the SU’s slow response to the video and the lack of punishment for those involved.

The video, released on Friday, revealed a disturbing necrophiliac chant that was taught to freshers in Cavendish Hall by their Week One reps.

UoN Feminists criticise

The SU have been criticised by UoN Feminists

They said: “We’re disappointed with the SU response as they were alerted mid week about the issue and yet nothing seemed to happen, with no obvious sanction being given to the perpetrators.

“Given there was a broken agreement involved in the incident, we feel there should be some action.”

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During Week One training reps are asked to sign a contract that includes the clause: “I will not promote the singing of abusive, offensive, crude or intimidating chants and songs in Week One”.

The home of the Cavendish Rangers

The home of the Cavendish Rangers

The lyrics the new Nottingham students are heard singing along to are:

“I wanna be a Cavendish ranger, living a life of sex and danger.

“High flying, 69-ing.

“These are the girls that I love best, many times I’ve sucked their breasts.

“Fuck her standing, fuck her lying,

“If she had wings I’d fuck her flying.

“Now she’s dead, but not forgotten, dig her up and fuck her rotten.

“You wish, you wish, you wish you were in Cavendish.”

The university are yet to confirm that an investigation is to take place.

UoN Feminists added: “We’re understandably unimpressed with the chant itself and feel the content is playing into the lad culture were looking to tackle via our lad culture pledge.”

The Tab understands that the chant is a Cavendish tradition and has been sung for at least 3 years.

UoN Feminists hope that the video will lead the SU to being more proactive on the topic of lad culture at university,

Lad culture is something the campaign group plan to encourage with their future campaign: “We plan to push through our lad culture pledge to stamp out the attitudes seen in and encouraged by the chant”