Video: Disturbing footage reveals drunken singing about sex with corpses

Students sing ‘dig her up and fuck her rotten’

This is the moment when intoxicated freshers sang about having sex with dead girls – as part of a three-year-old tradition. 

Some individuals believed to be Freshers’ reps are seen shouting a chant about digging up a corpse and “fucking her rotten.”

The Tab understands that this chant is an annual practice for incoming students.

The video, released by Impact Nottingham, shows students singing these lyrics:

“I wanna be a Cavendish ranger, living a life of sex and danger.

“High flying, 69-ing.

“These are the girls that I love best, many times I’ve sucked their breasts.

“Fuck her standing, fuck her lying,

“If she had wings I’d fuck her flying.

“Now she’s dead, but not forgotten, dig her up and fuck her rotten.

“You wish, you wish, you wish you were in Cavendish.”

The Tab understands that this song has been a tradition of Cavendish freshers for at least three years.

James, who was a Cavendish Hall fresher in 2011, said: “I didn’t think much of it at the time, probably because it was Freshers’ Week and everything was new.

“It doesn’t offend me as such because it is obviously meant to be a joke. It’s clearly disgusting when you think about it but as a fresher I certainly wasn’t exactly ‘thinking’ that hard about it at the time.

“Everyone was singing it on the bus and it was a chant, therefore making you feel part of the group. It got passed down as a tradition.”

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Lucy, also from Cavendish Hall, said: “We chanted it last year. I suppose you don’t really think about it when you chant it, but it’s wrong.”

Angharad Smith, Freshers’ Reps Co-ordinator responded: “In training and in discussion with reps, we are clear about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour.

“This should not detract from what was otherwise an extremely well-run programme that many students enjoyed.”

An investigation into the incident has yet to be confirmed.